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Bee Removal Expert of Burbank  We do Bee hive Removal,  Honey Beehive Removal,  Wasp removal ,  Bee control, Yellow jacket  Extermination in the City of Burbank

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              $150 Beehive Eradication only!

                    "Up to 13 Feet High- "


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   Yellowjacket  -- STARTING AT  $250 PER NEST     


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Created October 22 1996:Exterminator Extraordinaire:Copyright 3/13/2000

Operators First Eradication 1981 in the city of Burbank. 40+ years Exp. Affiliated with Los Angeles Operators.(PCO'S)



,Exterminator Extraordinaire      Lic.&Bonded 

California Structural Pest Control Company

             (818) 843 - 7340

Operator has been in Pest control Industry since 1981 in Expert Eradication's.

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Bee hive removal inside House- Exterminator ExtraordinaireDUD 


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 We Service Burbank,  Licensed by the State Of California

             Structural Pest Control Board.


  1.  Bee hive Removal,
  2. Honey removal from wall voids
  3. Wasps Control
  4. Yellowjacket  -- STARTING AT  $250 PER NEST


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Structural breaching OPENING & REPAIR Demolition & Repairing Structures to Remove Bee, Wasp or Hornet Hives, Bee Hive Proofing & Be hive PreventionBurbank Bee Removal | SAFE ECO-FRIENDLY Eradicating Bee Removal Service for Burbank, CA 91505


                                                              (818) 843-7340

            Companies that offer, in Burbank, LIVE bee hive removal, maybe SCAMS.

A Live bee removal Company that is in City of Burbank, That say there going to relocate The Bee’s to another Location must be registered with The Agricultural Commissioner Department Of Los Angeles and prove it to you.

If you suspect a Illegal Live Bee removal operation please contact the Agricultural Commissioners of Los Angeles at;

                        (626) 575-5471




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                 80% of All bees in Burbank .

                  Africanized killer bee DNA.



 A specialist in the Entertainment industry for On Location sets that were being bombarded with dangerous stinging Africanized Honey bees in the past when they first arrived.
Such companies over the past 40+ years.Universal Studios, Warner Bros Studios, Dick Clark studios, , Warner Bros Ranch, NBC Studios, Dreamworks studios, Westwind media, and My Eye Media just to mention a few.






bee removal   Bee Removal Expert     yelp pest control / Bee hive removal


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                            Other Local Bee Hive Removal Company’s in Burbank  
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Bee Hive Removal, Burbank, Ca 91505
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
United States

ph: 818 843-7340

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 Operator  of Exterminator Extraordinaire:

       Jody A. Balsam Exterminator Extraordinaire ™

Has been in the Pest control Industry in Burbank, Ca . since 1981. Started with Eco pest control on Burbank Blvd, part-time after John Burroughs High School at the Age of 17 as Lic. Applicator, (Back in the Day when you could start at 16- But now 18 is the minimum by Law.) Learning from many Operators/ Companies with more experienced,  Jody A Balsam Exterminator Extraordinaire ™ Trained and served under:Miller Pest control, Corky’ pest control 0f Burbank trained by Corky himself with Jack Rowland’s ( Ex Navy Seal, and Nephew of Actor Gena Rolands & John Cosvettis ) Jack Rowlands  Insisted for Jody to Upgrade his Structural pest State Lic issued by the Structural Pest Control Board as a Branch Two at the Age of 19, before moving on for more training from other Masters of The Pest control industry. Worked with Fuma - pest, Stanley Pest Control, Canterbury of Burbank, and Finally Dewey Pest Control of Burbank for 13 years before Starting Exterminator Extraordinaire      in 2003.(His Uncle Mark from Norwood New Jersey who previously owned Diagnostics Pest control Suggested to Open Exterminator Extraordinaire.)
 The Name Exterminator Extraordinaire   created from a News Paper ¼  page article: called the Burbank leader naming in 1996- Jody A Balsam -Exterminator Extraordinaire.!

Bee Hive Removal, Burbank, Ca 91505
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
United States

ph: 818 843-7340